Pb (Latin name plumbum) with a atomic no 82, is a heavy metal that is denser than most common metal and has a relatively low melting point. It’s a unreactive post-transition metal. It oxides and reacts with bases and acids, and is also very ductile, this very property makes it useful.


These are pellets made of lead, used as projectiles for shotguns, air guns and grenade launchers. Commercial purposes are various, mainly used for filling cavities along with dense material for weight balance. Lead is melted and poured through screens in water to form the shots which are known as Swan shot. There are many ways of making the shots but the most common method is called the drop shot, where the metal is dropped to form the shots.

Molten lead is dropped from a great height like a huge tower down below into a water body. The molten lead is dropped from the furnace into the water below, due to gravity the metal solidifies in mid air and while falling takes the spherical form and then falls into the water below. Once the balls hit the water they retain the shape and become solid. To strengthen the lead it’s mixed with alloy like Tin, Antimony and Arsenic. Sizes vary, from a small pin ball to that of a big ball. This depends on what kind of sport it is used for like duck hunting or big game hunting.


Also known as "RELAY". Copper cable is a good conductor of electricity, however when it is laid in underground pipe lines, it tends to react with oxygen in the air and oxides, this results I loss of electricity. To avoid this copper cables are covered in a lead sheath to prevent any interaction with the surrounding.

The process of using this lead coating started in the mid 20th century , when cables wires were begin laid underground, for installation of telephone lines, electricity and power cables. Since the area underground is always moist and damp wires without coating were giving problems, hence they were then coated with lead as sheath over the wire to ensure a smooth communication and power supply lines.

The process of making the sheath is done using a process where the cable is passed through a die surrounded by molten lead kept at a temperature where it stays in the liquid form, then the lead is applied under heavy pressure and passed through it ensuring that it coats uniformly and then solidifies.


ALSO KNOWN AS "ROPES" shall consist of lead tire balances with or without iron clips. Not to include scrap lead, lugs or plates unless specifically agreed to. To be free of foreign material. Review packaging specifications and regulatory status pertaining to shipping with buyer prior to sale.


ALSO KNOWN AS "RAILS" shall Specify whether automotive, industrial or mixed. Also whether they are groups or loose. The only other metallic that might be included could be lead connectors. To be free of non-metallics, i.e., plastic or rubber, with the exception that separators may be included. Material to be dry. May be bought on an assay basis or a flat price. Submarine plates subject to negotiation. Review packaging specifications and regulatory status pertaining to shipping with buyer prior to sale.


There are several types of indoor range lead scrap. You can find indoor range lead at shooting ranges left over from people shooting range lead bullets. Indoor range lead can be jacketed, unjacketed, cast boolits, rifle jacketed range lead. Jacked range lead is a harder indoor range lead than wheel weights scrap.


ALSO KNOWN AS "RADIO" Shall consist of clean lead solids, free of other materials, such as drosses, battery plates, lead covered cable, collapsible tubes, type metals, aluminum, zinc, iron and brass fittings, dirty chemical lead and radioactive materials. Review packaging specifications and regulatory status pertaining to shipping with buyer prior to sale.