ALSO KNOWN AS "SAVES" Shall consist of miscellaneous old zinc base die castings, with or without iron and other foreign attachments. Must be free of borings, turnings, dross pieces, chunks, melted pieces and skimmings. All unmeltables, dirt, foreign attachments, and volatile substances (such as rubber, cork, plastic, grease, etc.) are deductible. Material containing in excess of 30% iron will not constitute good delivery.


ALSO KNOWN AS "SCABS" Shall consist of new or unused, clean, zinc base die castings. Castings to be unplated, unpainted, and free from corrosion


ALSO KNOWN AS "SCREEN" Shall consist of any new pure zinc sheets or stampings free from corrosion. To contain no foreign material or attachments. Printers zinc, such as engravers zinc, lithograph sheets and addressograph plates subject to special arrangements. Printers zinc to be free of routings.


A zinc anode is a type of sacrificial anode used to prevent corrosion through cathodic protection. It is also classified as a galvanic anode, with the other galvanic anodes being made from aluminum or magnesium. A zinc anode's protective properties result from a strongly negative reduction potential, which is more negative than the metal it is protecting. Oxidants, which corrode metals, will oxidize the zinc anode rather than the protected metal structure, thus preventing the structure from being corroded.


Shall consist only of galvanizers unsweated zinc dross in slab form from hot dip galvanizing (Batch Process) with a minimum zinc content of 92% and shall be free of skimmings and tramp iron. Broken pieces under 2” in diameter shall not exceed 10% of the weight of each shipment. Slabs shall not weigh over 100 pounds each. Heavier pieces acceptable upon mutual agreement between buyer and seller. Material from continuous galvanizing operation is not acceptable. Blocks are acceptable upon mutual agreement.